SV-2014 Rigid Box

SV-2014 Rigid Box Features

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Produce High Quality Rigid Boxes for:

Games and Puzzles
Retail Gift’s
and many more …

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Size Range:

Label Size: Minimum label size :   120mm x 180 mm Maximum label size :   600mm x 840 mm

Finished Box Size: Length : From 150 to 600mm Width: From 60 to 400mm Heigth: From 15 to 120mm Combination of box length, width and height to be within maximum label size Paper weight: 90 – 130 g/m². Board weight: Single boards from 1-4mm

Operators needed: One

Production Speed: Up to 35 cycles per minute depending on size, type of material, glue and operator skill

Registratoin Accuracy: +/- 0.25 mm at registration point

Energy Requirements: ELECTRICAL: 20 kva, 3 phase, 50 Hz 400V AIR: 300 L/min. 6 Bar Shipping: Weight 4800 kg

Machine Size: L7600mm x W3300mm x H2600mm

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