SV-2010-SC Slip Case

SV-2010-SC Slip Case Features

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Size Range:
Minimum: 310 mm x 380 mm*
Maximum: 550 mm x 725 mm*
FINISHED BOX: (Height/Depth/Fill)
Minimum: 55 mm x 150 mm x 100 mm*
Maximum: 350 mm x 290 mm x 60/80/100 mm*
*Minimum/Maximum sizes are guidelines only.
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Operators Needed:
One operator and one material handler.

Production Speed:
Up to 18 cycles per minute depending on size, product, material
and operator skill.

Construction Materials:
One piece die cut boards. Cover material: high quality cloth or
preprinted paper. Outer

Energy Requirements:
ELECTRICAL: 25 kva, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz
400V + N
AIR: 800 L/min – 8 bar
WATER: 1/2” cold water line at normal
pressure; no drain required.Standard Equipment:
Automatic sheet gluer, suction conveyor belt, glue tank, quad
with hot melt glue applicator, automatic spotter, and wrapper.
Optional Equipment:
Paper jam detection, conveyor support stand, slipcase stomper.

WEIGHT: 3800 kg (uncrated)
4400 kg (crated)

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