SL-830 Laminator

SL-830 Features

  • Less than 30 minute Changeovers
  • Variable frequency drives
  • State of the art PLC’s
  • Runs varied substrates
  • Economical
  • Quick clean up
  • Modular in design
  • Up to 42 cycles per minute
  • Control operations from any PLC
  • Photoelectric Registration ±0.5 mm

Produce High Quality :

  • Office Files
  • Puzzles
  • Photo Album Covers,
  • Ring Binders
  • Game Boards
  • Point-of-Purchase Displays
  • Book Covers
  • Lever arch Files
  • Calendars

Watch It In Action


Size Range:

Label Size: Minimum 230 mm X 280 mm* Maximum 820 mm x 1230 mm*

Thickness: 80 – 130 g/m². From very light paper to light weight board. Consult sales representative.

Substrate Size: Minimum 200 mm x 250 mm* Maximum 800 mm x 1200 mm*

Thickness: Up to 4mm thick

*Minimum/Maximum sizes are guidelines only. Consult Sales Representative.

Operators Needed:
One operator and one material handler.

Production Speed:
Up to 42 cycles per minute depending on size, type of material, glue, and operator skill.

Construction Materials:
SHEET MATERIAL: Printed paper, embossed paper, coated paper, backed vinyl, cloth or tyvek.
SUBSTRATES: One piece, two piece or prejoined substrates. Chipboard, corrugated board, wood, masonite, plastic or other stiff substrates.

Glue Capacity:
75 liters (19.81 gallons) for hot animal glue.
System available for cold glue.

Registration Accuracy:
Up to ± 0.5 mm at registration point.

Spotting Range:
From 10 mm inside the substrate edge for inside lining to as much as 25 mm outside the substrate edge.

Standard Equipment:
Automatic sheet gluer, suction conveyor belt, glue system with glue viscosity control pumps, automatic substrate feed and registration module, combining rolls.

Optional Equipment:
Oversize substrate, stacker, wrapper module

Energy Requirements:
230 V, 60 Hz, 20 kva or
380 V, 50 Hz, 20 kva
Supplied as standard.
AIR: 700 L/min @ 5.6kg/cm2 (6 Bar)

WEIGHT: Approximately 2925 kg; skidded

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